Let Me guide you!

WOW is all I can say at this point. I first want to apologize for the late post in which I’m sure you guys can understand that with the many roles that we play it’s the important that matter. I am so grateful to serve you guys and I love all of you very much. We are all learning and growing together and I appreciate your willingness and patience to allow God to grow me as a pastor before you so I thank you. The big “WOW” at the opening of this blog post was because last week’s sermon is still burning deep in my heart which is a good thing because the Psalmist says in Psalm 119:11 that, “Your word I have hidden in my heart that I might not sin against You.” This is the purpose for scripture memorization; not to impress the people but to keep from sinning. Galatians 5 has profound insight to the Spirit and application. Right from the beginning Paul says, “Be led by the Spirit,” and then explains how there’s a war raging within us that keeps us from doing the very things of God we desperately desire to do. He goes on explaining what it looks like to be led by the flesh and repeats at the end that those that are led by the flesh WILL NOT INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF GOD. I explained briefly that the kingdom of God is simply any outward manifestation of His presence through you. It is at this topic that people go crazy theologically and debate the gifts of the Spirit and personally I believe that many because of their debating are simply wasting time. Many a Christians get saved and that’s it, they simply come to church to hear a sermon and for the rest of the week try to be a good person. Oh but there is so much more to this walk then church, YOU ARE THE CHURCH. As a matter of fact gifts are given to Gods children for the edification of the church and for the unbeliever to testify that God is who we say He is. I solely believe in the gifts of the Spirit and that without the Christian life can be still be a good life but not used to its max potential. So in essence what Paul was saying is that for those who live a lifestyle led by the flesh will not inherit Gods manifest presence in their lives and I don’t know about you but once you taste and see that the Lord is good it’s hard not to want more.

Paul continues by telling us to be led by the Spirit and gives us 9 characteristics of FRUIT as evidence of the Spirits leading. We looked at that word Fruit and noticed that it’s singular and not plural as if to say that God gave them to everyone who chooses to be lead by Him and not just some. In the last verses Paul says that we are to remember that when we first believed that we crucified our sinful nature to the cross and to take it back down is to put Christ back up on the cross. I personally love the entire book of Galatians because it gives us a simple application of how to experience freedom in Christ. We are called to let go and let God, in the active sense, because even our greatest attempts to please God are considered filthy rags before a Holy God. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WE CAN DO to earn Gods favor over our lives, it’s freely given to us and because it’s given to us this motivates us to act. What am I saying? God is pleased with you regardless of what you do and nothing will ever change that unless you refuse to accept it! I would encourage you to keep Galatians 5 in your heart constantly meditating on it and living it out. I would love to see this church become more missional minded and less attractional and I pray these sermons are developing a foundation in you to grow and when the time comes for us to act (which it is coming), we will not shy away from it but in faith together we will act. I have a lot to say about a lot of things I have written in this blog entry that I will preach and write about in the future lord willing. I thank you so much for your time and love you all so dearly. I pray that we keep Galatians 5 hidden in our hearts.



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