The Secret Place…

Last Sunday we talked about the secret place. We launched the first of a four week series titled Abiding in Him based out of John 15. I feel like God wants me to develop a foundation for His children to seek Him with all their hearts. Scripture tells us that Gods eyes are on those who do their services to Him in secret and goes on to say He rewards them openly for what they do in secret. We discussed Matt. 6, when the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray if you notice that He didn’t say recite this prayer like most of us do, but instead He said, “when you pray, pray like this.” I believe Jesus gave us what’s recorded in Matthew 6 as an outline on how to pray in order to keep us focused. Every verse is meant to give us direction on what to say to our heavenly Father even though He knows what we need before we ask. Some might say what’s the point of praying if God already knows what we are going to say? And I would say that He loves when His children asks Him for things because it shows our dependance on Him. Consider your own children if they never asked you for anything in their upbringing you would think something was wrong. This series is meant to get the children in the secret place wherever it is, the study, bathroom, closet, or the car, wherever there’s a place for you to isolate yourself from the world and be alone with the one who is crazy in love with you. In my opinion, prayer gives us the opportunity to see God, how? Simple, when I ask for something in prayer and see it answered I see God. So what does this do for me? It gives me a deeper trust of Him knowing He’s with me and an understanding of Him based off of how He answered the prayer and not how I wanted the prayer answered! Someone once said you want to make God laugh try telling Him what you want to do… I look forward to privilege to preach the second week of the series Abiding in Him where we will journey on the importance of Gods word remaining in us.

I want to apologize for the late entry, last week was a very hectic week to say the least but God is still in control. I would encourage you to pray for me for continued guidance from the Spirit to shepherd Gods sheep and also for wisdom from above. Let us become a kingdom minded people fully devoted to the one who is fully devoted to His promises for us. I love you and the Lord bless you and keep you!

Pastor Cornell


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