A brief update!

It has been a long time writing and I apologize for that. The reason for it is because I took off a few weeks from blogging to be quiet before the Lord and watch as He revealed His will for us for this next season in our lives. If you can recall the last time I blogged, we were approaching a big decision about staying in Kentucky or moving back to North Carolina. A lot was on the line having to leave but if it was Gods will for us to do so then so be it or in other words Amen! My family and I asked you guys to pray specifically for that reason and God moved, He not only provided tenants for us for the house in Charlotte for the next 14 months, He also showed me what I would do after the church internship ends; so after I have finished here I will be pastoring a church in KY part-time for this next season. God has also provided a parsonage for us that we are praying for wisdom and guidance whether or not we should take it. Trust me when I tell you that this is a God story, I’m just sparing you the details of how it all happened but take this with you, when you’re walking with God and your thoughts are aligned with His thoughts, be careful what you ask for! I am absolutely blown away by Him and His faithfulness, it’s overwhelming. This next season in of our lives, I will be blogging about entering into what God has predestined me to do, which is pastor and I look forward to it.

Things at the church have been awesome, I have had the opportunity to meet with the pastor here occasionally and talk bible. I’ve had the privilege of counseling and read Gods word daily and though I haven’t pastored yet, all these have added fuel to the fire. I start pastoring at the church the last Sunday of August and the reason why I decided to wait that long is because I have a leadership conference to attend next week in Chicago and my family and I will vacate the week following in MN. I will then return to KY only to travel to Charlotte to meet with leaders a few days after. In the midst of all this I do plan to post updates about the conference because I believe we all can benefit from it.

I encourage you to walk with God like never before because only there is where the life is, in knowing Him. We have all eternity to know Him because it takes that long and still more, why not get a head start! I love you guys and appreciate your prayers, please continue to keep us in them as we will do for you.

The Lord bless you and keep and you and may His face shine upon you and give you peace!




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