God is in Control!!

These past couple of weeks I haven’t been writing much for the simple fact I have been exposed to a lot of situations at the church where I took time to reflect what was really going on. I’m thankful for the opportunity to have been exposed to it and most importantly to have endured through it but I think what I got from it the most is that God is in control and He is a lot bigger than me. I have realized that everything that have been transpiring points directly to the campus that I will be serving in the fall. Some good, Some bad but I look back and notice that God is up to something that involves Lindsey Wilson College for such a time a this.

I have been in deep thought lately about a few things and I will share with you so you could remember us in your prayers. I will just go down the line. My family and I are living in between two states at the same time. We are renting a place now in Charlotte, NC while living in KY and the lease will be up in a few weeks and the tenants have already decided to move on. It is our prayer to continue in Ky for the next year if the Lord wills for the sake of what has been shown to us within that timeframe. I will share a few, I will be actively involved in campus ministry this year and we are already planning accordingly. Being on scholarship for grad school, something I never thought of but so grateful for the opportunity, after finishing up spring and in a few weeks the summer semester, I will graduate with a masters degree in 6 months. I shake my head thinking about that because if you were to tell me I would graduate from college a few years ago I would’ve looked at you and doubted. By His grace I am what I am today. I also have a job lined up to start in September, immediately after my internship ends at the church, and I am excited for that opportunity as well. Though it will be working in the local high school, my role will be to simply mentor young men which is still ministry in my opinion. There are a lot more things the Lord has shown my wife and I about this upcoming season in our lives that once I get permission to speak about I will tell, my wife will catch that one. The only thing that will take away from this is if our house in Charlotte will not rent and because of income, we will have no choice but to return.

We will know further information as this month comes to an end, but if this so moves your spirit to pray for us, PLEASE DO. I realize that no matter what, God is in control, and to be honest everything points to us staying here in Ky for one more season, but ultimately it’s not up to me, Jesus said, “Your will be done.” A prayer that says, “Abba, I surrender to You and only You and however you want to use me do it. I trust you with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding, I will acknowledge you in everything I do and you shall direct my path” And not mine only but those who follow me. I pray this daily because if I don’t I panic by feeling out of God’s will and doing things on my own. An interesting time now and I look forward to seeing the outcome. As for now we are in Ky so we will plan as if we are in Ky and as for me and my house we will serve the Lord, Amen!

I encourage you to seek Gods will for your life daily. We can be so focused on the vision and miss daily the very purpose we were created for. I am so thankful for your time and prayers. I love you all and speak a blessing over you and your household.


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